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Advantages of the HydraFacial Syndeo Machine

The Best HydraFacial treatment is done by the new Hydrafacial Syndeo Machine, which offers a deeper cleaning and clarifying of your skin with the patented vortex tips. Since the original HydraFacial launch years ago, the HydraFacial machine has evolved into what it is today. The newest iteration of the HydraFacial machine is the HydraFacial Syndeo, a power-packed, advanced version of the classic skin treatment that gives the most personalized experience you could dream of. Customizing the treatment according to your skin needs results in superior outcomes and, ultimately, better-looking skin.  

Understanding the HydraFacial Syndeo

The HydraFacial Syndeo works for a wide range of skin issues and even more than the traditional HydraFacial machine does. This advanced version features the red and blue LED light technology, however it is no longer applied manually but with the new LightStim Elipsa mask which provides rejuvenating wavelengths of light energy to reduce wrinkles and treat acne.  Red LED light is a tried-and-true way of treating wrinkles, skin damage, and other effects of aging skin by stimulating collagen production. Blue LED light is known to destroy acne-causing bacteria and reduce the look of congested skin. Both LED light options can be used with customized booster treatments for a personalized experience. 

The HydraFacial Syndeo is the best HydraFacial machine. That’s because the HydraFacial Syndeo still includes the basics of what made everyone fall in love with HydraFacials in the first place. It still cleanses, exfoliates, extracts, and hydrates the skin but now also features the new lymphatic drainage system. The treatment is fast and with no downtime—a major benefit!

HydraFacial Syndeo treatments involve cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration, and an infusion of antioxidant serums. These treatments are customized based on your needs and feature LED Light Therapy. You can choose to add this step during  your session to address aging signs, wrinkles, acne, and more. Sessions typically take less than an hour and require no downtime!

The HydraFacial Syndeo works well for anyone who is concerned with aging, acne, dehydration, congestion, tone, and texture, regardless of their skin type. All HydraFacial treatments are compatible with all skin types.  

The Importance of Choosing the Right HydraFacial Machine

When it comes to choosing the best HydraFacial machine for your skin needs, there are a few things you’ll want to take into consideration. The popular non-invasive facial treatment combines exfoliation, deep cleansing, extraction, hydration, and antioxidant protection. 

You’ll want to consider your skin type since different skin types may reap more of a benefit from the HydraFacial Syndeo than the standard HydraFacial. If you are looking to reduce acne breakouts and inflammation while improving circulation, the lymphatic drainage system in the HydraFacial Syndeo will benefit your skin greatly and deliver more dramatic improvements. Think of it as a detox for your skin that helps move toxins to your lymph nodes so that your body eliminates them. 

Another benefit of the HydraFacial Syndeo is that it uses a digital platform to fuse with HydraFacial’s unique vortex fusion technology for unsurpassed results. This makes the HydraFacial Syndeo a more precise treatment with better results than the first iterations of the machine.

One of the reasons the HydraFacial Syndeo is so popular is because it’s a relaxing and comfortable treatment. Unlike other facials that involve manual extractions, the HydraFacial is gentle and pain-free, with no irritation or redness after the treatment. Instead, the HydraFacial Syndeo uses a special handpiece incorporating Vortex technology to penetrate the skin far more than a traditional facial. The Vortex technology works like a vacuum to open the pores and extract any pore-clogging impurities while exfoliating away dead skin.

How the HydraFacial Syndeo Compares to Other HydraFacial Machines

Ultimately, the best HydraFacial machine for you is the one that provides the best results. Since the HydraFacial Syndeo is the newest and most advanced type of HydraFacial available, we find that its results are far superior to previous generations of HydraFacial. Plus, the HydraFacial Syndeo offers more benefits to improve your skin, too. 

The HydraFacial Syndeo is far more advanced than other HydraFacial machines, which equates to better results. The Syndeo creates a more elevated user because the treatment is more personalized. A multi-modality platform delivers customized treatments for any skin type. Plus, your past treatment protocols are automatically saved to your profile, so you’ll never have to worry about what you did last and how to achieve those results again.

Another benefit of the HydraFacial Syndeo platform is that it includes hands-free LED light therapy. LED light provides additional benefits where it’s needed most. For example, acne-prone skin can be treated with Blue LED light to diminish active acne lesions, while Red LED light can be used to stimulate collagen in aging skin. The HydraFacial Syndeo is also integrated with the Perk Lip and Eye treatments for extra add-ons, which will leave you with plumped, hydrated lips and rested eyes!